• Dag
    • donderdag 2 juni
  • Tijd
    • 15.00 uur
    • 17.00 uur
    • 19.00 uur
  • Duur 30 minuten
  • Locatie Löss
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The Long Long Now

Max Gruson & Serge Gruson

“Here we are in the year zero-two-thousand-and-twenty-two, it’s been two hundred-and-fifty million years since the salt in this bottle came into existence, and it’s been two days since it went overdue.”
Sometimes it feels like everything is always happening, all at once... Like every event is concentrated in a single point in time that we call ‘now’. But how much time does ‘now’ encompass?

The Long Long Now is a performance installation that takes flight and offers a shift in perspective. It invites you to wonder what presence means in the present.

Note! The performances at 15.00h and 19.00h take place simultaneously with other productions of the main festival programme. If you plan to visit a route of different shows after each other, we recommend going to The Long Long Now at 17.00h.

Accessibility notes: English spoken, floor seated.

Created by
Max Gruson & Serge Gruson
Voiced by
Sarah Kaushik, Reg Gruson, Vitória Aquino, William Schaffels & Cecilia Thoden van Velzen