Princess Isatu Hassan Bangura ( 1996 )  is a performance artist working in the field of music, theatre & film. Her Performances are often described as rich in images & colors,  limitless, personal & radical.

She is a mixture of both her deep West African roots and the Western World.

She tends to work with fictional characters with the idea of a higher power & she takes the role of a storyteller on stage. Her work is greatly influenced by religion, feminism & spirituality.

Her physical presence on stage tends to be from a primal and earthly essence.

She is a mixture of Language, Movements, and Sound.

Schrijver & Performer: Princess Bangura

Muziek: Edis van der Pajazetovic

Begeleiding: Anna Luka da Silva

Licht: Jan Groenland

Creddits muziek: Que Será, Será, Doris Day Frank de Vol

Met dank aan: Marc Zwietink, Jean Paul Caelen, Toneelacademie Maastricht


"GRAVEYARD ROMANCE is a woman’s journey through death, life and the unknown.

GRAVEYARD ROMANCE is an ode to chaos, ecstasy, erotic death, hallucination and balancing on certain boundaries, it is an ode to iconic symbolism, sadness and feminism.

Que sera, sera.

Whatever will be, will be.

‘Now come...come..come with me

Let me be your guide

Let me be your host

Succumb to the unholy temptation

Bite the fruit, suck it all dry

Taste the everlasting darkness

And travel with me…

Travel with me...

Into the depths of beautiful insanity, soothing melancholy and sublime chaos’. GRAVEYARD"