Jazmin harsfalvai

Afstuderend Scenograaf en Kostuumontwerper 

Wie rendert?

I am Jazmin Harsfalvai, a 27-year-old graduating scenography student from Budapest. I have always had a deep appreciation for literature, music, dancing, acting and for art in general. I am captivated by the integration of various artistic forms so I am more than happy to found out about this field. I just love the smell of theatres! I desire to support a good cause by working together with many other people creating something magical.

Within my design philosophy I like to navigate the interplay of geometrical forms and organic elements, infusing a touch of surrealism. I pursue to create an immersive experience, where the design echoes the essence of the play.

My passion for the arts aimes not only to enchant the audience  but to craft a timeless narrative that lingers in the collective memory, transcending the boundaries of the stage

Wat rendert?

Within an exposition at the Vrijthof Theater, we present our graduation works:

-Design Project (Peer Gynt – Henrik Ibsen)
-Theatrical Essay (The Bear Necessities of Surrealism)
-Installation Project (Tangled Frequencies)
-Internship Productions (Op Verzoek, Kruimels)
-Practical Project (Opera Hansel und Gretel - Engelbert Humperdinck)

Unplugged: Voices Sculpted in Earphones